Sraw (little mech/robot dude) *small update*

(( Scroll down for UPDATED pic ))

Just started working on this today… Legs are just tempory so I can get more of an idea on the outcome. Saying that think the arms will change aswell. Still C & C welcome. Thanks for looking.

I don’t want to sound rude or anything - but a lot of the mechs I’ve seen done just don’t have that ‘authentic’ feel to them. Take for example the arm joint, there should be some sort of visual means for those joints to move. I would expect there to be some sort of motor, piston, etc, controlling that arm. Other wise it looks cool; my only crit would be the machine guns, they don’t seem to fit the futuristic form of the robot. In the sense the body has a very fluid look, while the machine guns have that 21 first century look.

Other than that I like it.

very good start!!!

few comments (mainly stylistic not technical)

the head doesn’t fit in! the mech is mechanical and metal and straight edges etc. but then the head is all smooth and round. it makes the mech look all friendly like a little dog instead of a killing machine. so if u want a serious look change the head and the wierd neck\vertebrae thingy.

not all the feet are touching the ground, and it looks like they should.

for a quick touch of realism just make the default material 4 the mech reflective and shinier.

the frount round chestplate type thing looks like it’s too back and should b more forward to fit the shape of the main shell shape.

looks like u r stealing from the droideka in star wars!! very cool. if not do!! and if u r steal more!!!

keep it up, looking forward to next post.

:smiley: :smiley:

Being the CG guru’s that you are, I’m sure you’ve seen the first Toy Story. That model of your’s seems like it would go nicely under Sid’s bed. lol. It seems to be a compilation of different robots parts.

An interesting make. The machine guns don’t go to well though. Perhaps having them or just one shoulder mounted…

Very nice :slight_smile: looks kinda cute
However, the first thing which came to my mind was:
“Where the hell is the ammunition for the gatling coming from and where is it stowed in the first place?”

lol thanks for the comments guys, I see have my work cut out for me. I do appricate it though so thanks again.

ya arms and legs will be changed soon as I can come up with something. and as for the head… hmmm dunno yet :-?

Ok been messing with a few things, trying out this and that… I think I’ve bitten off more then I can chew with this project lol… but oh well its a learning expirence :slight_smile:

i like the new gunsbut the old head was better great work

try blocking out all of the basic shapes you want then progress from one part to another slowly adding detail, I like how you’ve changed him and thought more about the mechanics

it’s looking allot like those starwars droids

wow, nice!!

i prefer he new head, actually everything about the new model is much better. it looks angry and violent now which is good.

maybe add some ray shadows and more mechanical detail like wires and gears etc. then all u need to do is make it chromey and texture it

cant wait :smiley: :smiley:

I liked the old one better. Not sure what you are going for, but the old one had a strange technomagical look to it.

they’re both good in their own little ways= personally I would like to see an animation of a 1 on 1 of these 2 machines :wink: