SSBM Feedback

I am making Link, right now i want to know how you guys feel. Does the model capture him.
This is from melee, not Twilight Princess.

Does the model look like Link or are some things off.

Please tell me. I am trying to perfect this model.

I am going to remodel the hat and the hair again. The only thing that will stay is the face(pretty much, i will even tweak that a little too)
This is how he looks now.

Mine is untextured!!!
It will be textured though… later

I have been doing blender for about a year now, i wanted to see what i could do; so i decided to model my favorite Nintendo character (The Hero of Time).
So please give me feed back in the comments and in the poll, anything is fine(negative or positive).
i can handle it


nvm this post

Ok, lol first of all say in ur post that the textured one is a reference, which it is right? or am i mistaken?

The clay render looks pretty good, and almost exactly like the reference, but i think the textures will tell a better story :wink:

The hair is a bit longer than the reference, and there are no eyebrows( i am sure u know that)(are you modeling the eyebrows or wat? particles?)

But naw man, this looks good mate!

(dang it lol i meant to edit the last post, my bad, sry)

Yeah, the clay version looks very close tot he ref image. Of course the eye brows, but the hair to me doesn’t look bad nor the face. I’d say just give a go on the texturing and see what it looks like before redoing everything.

thanks guys. I have been working on him for like a week now. I thought it looked good to me, but i thought i was just seeing what i wanted to see.

At first i was going to texture the eyebrows on, now i think i will model them instead. I will have another post fully with a fully textured Link, and see what story it tells :slight_smile: