SSD's are now big and durable enough to replace an entire stack of platters

By stack of platters, I mean an entire RAID configuration of high-capacity hard-drives.

This one is for enterprise use unfortunately (so you can’t pop this 30 terabyte monster in your machine), but it shows just how far SSD’s have advanced. Not only is it incredibly fast for that much capacity, but you can write an entire drive’s worth every day for 5 years without seeing a failure.

In a way, one could see it as a promise that artists who now work with ultra high-definition scenes with massive textures may, someday in the next few years, have a single drive that is capable of holding all of their content. Not only that, but platters could eventually become all but extinct as well (they are still needed as high capacity storage units for personal PC’s, but SSD’s this big could mean their days are numbered).

The future of storage, or can the venerable spinning disk lease more life yet?

I completely believe that SSD’s will become the next standard. Between SSD’s and cloud storage poor ole platters are going to be like black and white tv’s or Laserdisc or better yet cassette tapes. And also along these lines of soon to be outdated media, Best Buy is going to be doing away with their music CD section cause MP3 and streaming is putting a hurt on CD sales.