sse3 optimization

ok so i know how to compile blender using the svn method and i was wondering how do i build it so that it is sse3 optimized i use mingw and scons to compile it

Pick your gcc version and see point “3.17.xx Intel 386 and AMD x86-64 Options” for optimization options.

allright well ive got an Intel core 2 duo based on the conroe core so what options should i use with that

I suggest you download CPU-Z, it will tell you everything about your CPU and most things about the rest of your hardware :slight_smile:

(the download link is kinda hidden in the top left corner of the page)


You’re supposed to create a file or something like that,(not at home on my own machine at the moment) but I’m too lazy, and just edit the config file that is mentioned during the start of the build process.

To create code that targets SSE2 instructions, just add “/arch: SSE2” to the GCC compiler options in the .py file. - just do a search for /Op and /Og - it goes with that bunch of flags.

If you work out how to compile for SSE3 without using the Intel 10.1 compiler, I’d be most interested. The core2 duo supports SSE3, but afaik only the 10.1 compiler will create code for it. GCC definitely supports SSE2. (so does M$ 2008 VS express)

hmm no luck so far on sse3 i wonder how they all do it on graphical and maluminas i allready know all of the stuff there is to know about my computer and i know for a fact that the conroe core supports sse3

Yeah, cool.

Have you got the Intel 10.1 compiler?

no i dont have it
how do i compile blender with that? do i have to compile the actual source or can i just compile the svn trunk like with g++

I registered with Intel for a trial version of the compiler, then discovered that it was quite large - over 100Mb from memory - I’m on dialup, so didn’t bother.

From stuff I read, it seems that it’s meant to be used with VS 2008 (express edition too?)
So, I’d guess that you’d compile as per usual, navigating to the root of the Blender source then typing “scons” <enter>

I’ve got both minGW and VS 2008 express installed, yet whenever I run scons, it always builds it using VS. I don’t know where I have to add / change something, though I’ve a feeling that it’s an environment variable. I think scons uses whichever compiler it deems as being available, as determined by the environment variables.

■ These variables can either be set globally for all command prompt windows by right-clicking MyComputer, selecting “Properties”, then “Advanced”. There is a button on this page called “Environment Variables”.

■ Alternately, you can just type “set NameOfMyVariable = myValue” at a command prompt to affect that console session only, where NameOfMyVariable and myValue are the name and value of the variable you’re trying to set.

A closer look at the .py files that scons uses may yield the answer to how it chooses which compiler to use

Of course, you could just ask jesterKing how it(scons) works, since he wrote it.

ok so im downloading the intel 10.1 compiler and the trial version of visual studio 2008 so ill let you guys know if i can compile it correctly