SSimpossible's Drawing Progress

Hello, everyone! Since I do a lot of graphic design, I am currently taking a drawing class, as it should help me out in the long run as far as art in general goes. I’m not really that great at drawing, so I’m hoping I can improve by taking this class, which is motivating me to draw quite a bit more than I have been over the past few years.

Anyway, I’ve only taken about 3 hours of class time (one hour per Thursday every week for the past few weeks), and this is all that I have so far. I did the sphere on the first hour and a half total, and the pear on the other hour and a half. Feel free to critique any of the drawings that I’ll be posting so I can take those things into consideration on future works :yes:

I should be posting a minimum of one drawing/sketch a week, though I certainly hope I have time for more than that!

Nice work, I like these. Be careful about background filling that it doesn’t repeat the shape fo the object too much. You can use small circles with the tortillon/ shader stump to even the contrast.

Thanks for the warning! Yeah, I wasn’t too happy with the background behind the sphere, either… I’ll try to remember to prevent the background from following the shape of the object too much, but as of now I’m trying to avoid using tortillions so I can work more on shading with solely the pencils.

You can use tiny circles with the pencil tip, light to dark and achieve almost the same thing without having the same problem.

Okay; thanks, then! I’ll be sure to do that next time :smiley:

Well, this week I just ended up working more on the pear. The lighting was a little bit too directional (that may not be the word I’m looking for) for a glossy-ish object, and I significantly smoothed out the shading by drawing over it all again with the pencil tilted higher to make sharper lines. It also brought out the darker values much more, which made the highlights stand out, adding more to the “glossy” feel. Any critiques?


All I can say is thats a bloody good pear :slight_smile: graphite and never looked so tasty. Brilliant work!

It looks better than the first post. I’ve found that adding contrast generally makes everything look better.

Thanks, both of you! FullMetal, it must be somewhat decent if you think it looks tasty, especially since I was drawing a fake pear :stuck_out_tongue:

And kastoria, yeah, it does. Filling in the dark areas and bringing out the highlights really makes it look a lot more 3D, so I try to put a fair amount of contrast in the images. I’m not really sure how well that turned out in this image, though (I’ve been staring at it for way too long…).