SSR for bge (Screen space reflections)

Some one has thought abt implementing an SSR shader in bge? or a SSR filter maybe

Look into RenderToTexture.

apparently the new cycles game engine has raymarched reflections,
I am not sure what exectly that means, but it does look exeptional.

Hey, it is the same thing just under different names, ‘screenspace raymarched reflections’. It just hints that the reflections are raymarched. It is not hard to implement, but you need a deferred renderer to access color, normal and depth information from gbuffer, to perform raymarching(reflecting a ray along normals and comparing depths). On top of that accessing roughness comes handy, to provide blurry reflections.

Roughness can be simply simulated by adding multi-sampled noise pattern normalmap over object(creating micro-surface effect). However, more advanced engines use some sort of blur filter to make it be more soft and blurry. It can be done through correct deferred filtering.
You can make raytrace/raymarch through filters, however, it may not be that efficient in Blender…

Yup, can simulate roughness but then you will no longer get ‘physically accurate’ results. The roughness comes as an input to the blur filter, where you adjust kernel size based on current value. It is quite easy to implement but I would say if the renderer is not deferred you will have to fight it too much to get input data. :spin:

I am working on it right now. I hope you are still interested.

I have most things done, all that’s left is some stuff with fields of view and turning the filter into a surface shader.

Is this considered necroposting? If so, I’m sorry.

selective_refl.blend (687.9 KB)

with alpha mask, and cubemap.
upssr.blend (645.0 KB)

@lubos we have render attachments - so we can pass all the data like a G_buffer