SSS doens't work

Hi guys, I’m modeling a human head and have run into a problem - the SSS doesn’t work. As soon as I apply it material either turns white or black with no texture evident:eek:. I tried SSS in simple scenes and it worked (sometimes) but it doesn’t work on my scene. It is also weird that sometimes it works in simple cube scenes and sometimes it doesn’t. It also doesn’t work in any scenes I got of the net, which use SSS - they just appear either white or black.

Is there a way to solve this? - and if there is please tell how to, so I can get on with my project. Thanks in advance!

Have you tried different SSS settings? Like skin 1 and 2? This sounds like you haven’t explored all the options.

I tried, but there’s no difference that I can see. Here’s what I get 1) without SSS, 2) with SSS and emit value set to 0.2 3) SSS with skin 1 turned on and no EMIT:

I don’t think that SSS should look like that, and even though emit might look alright at first glance, it completely stuffs up the shading that I would like to have and makes it seem as if the ight source is behind. (That’s exactly the same scene with same options and light setups on all renderings).

So any ideas? :wink:

Turn down the col slider? I just started working with SSS a few weeks ago so I’m not completely sure.
Edit: here is a render of my test. Can you tell me what your settings are? I have Skin 1 with col and tex set to .1, and scale to .05. Other than that, everything else is default.

Well, I’ve read some other SSS problems threads and recalculated the normals, which got rid of the black color, and made the model greenish. It took me some time to actually realise that the SSS button in the rendering panel was off, lol. So after about half an hour I actually got a good enough result:

p.s. Sorry for the noobish question without me trying to solve the problem myself properly at first.

He he, hey trying to figure out your problem gave me more SSS testing time, so thank you.