SSS does not work ...


anybody has an issue with the SSS in 2.4.8 ?

I have a scene here and SSS seems not to work at all.

The surface is simply rendered gray.

Here is a screen shot of my settings.

Have you enabled SSS in the Render tab? I’ve made that goof a number of times and end up with similar results.

could U please shoot me ! Please !

I spend close to one our - even rebuild the scene only to see that you
were right …


I know – I once came back after four or five hours of rendering only to find the same thing – erk! My portrait figure had a nice albino look, but not really what I had in mind… :wink:

Glad it was an easy fix, though.

here are two quick renderings - works fine now

I like the blue one. Real ‘Ditzy Blonde’ shades.

interesting - everybody likes the blue one :wink:

I think it’s the background.
The red one seems over lit.
I think the blue is a nicer colour too. If I had to choose I would wear the blue.

In deed the red one is brighter - lol I was working on a dimmed display … duh

I like the red one.