SSS error?

I don’t know if I’m missing something, but I’m rendering something with SSS (leaves) and certain parts are rendering bright pink! At first I thought it was a texture affecting col, but it’s not. Anybody know how to fix this?

Have you tried tweaking the SSS color and RGB radius values, most likely it’s a color issue and not with the SSS.

Better yet I have found that SSS has the ability to work with ramp shading as well.

Um… I believe it’s all on the default setting, whatever that may be (except for front and back scatter). Lemme just check it out on my other pc…
Hmm… it seemed to be at default, but I couldn’t figure it out… so I just started fresh with a new material and everything’s fine.:eyebrowlift2:
I’d still like to know if anybody else had that problem.

When I was working on my Ice scape image I did have a problem with red showing in the ice using the SSS, I fixed that with ramp shading.