SSS for Blender from Xavier Ligey Lab? (SSS Suzanne Pics!)

Do we have a timeline for this? Will it be in 2.34? Is anyone else as into the idea of it as I am? If we get SSS, will we get caustics? (Or a better way to implement them?)

The site you post only has images… who is this, is the python code available, and where did you find out about it?

But it hardly has any info! I want the script! I want to try it! I was hoping someone else know more about it than I.

anogarlr - As far as I know no-one in bf-commiters knows of this, or at least no-one has talked about it. And since 2.34 just went into feature-freeze I’m sorry to say this probably won’t get in…

But, just an offside note, this seems like a python script, so it might not technically be in 2.34 (at least C codewise), but if it’s released early enough it may be bundled with it =)

And also, I actually thought this looked better than any of the Suzanne test =P

Funny how things like this just seem to pop out of thin air! One of the beautiful things about open source. I hope its for real.


This will be an amazing addition to Blender.

Great looking images.


These have actualy been on blenderman for about 2 weeks. But yea they looks awesome :smiley:

it is a python script for fake SSS, still a WIP.

richie, maybe you can tell us something more about it? :wink: how it works, and when you’re going to share it with us… :wink:

anyways, keep working, always is great to see something new in blender :wink:

regards, neos

WIP or not, I’d still love to play with it if you’re willing to give up the Python.