sss_lighting_human face -textured

what you think about it, please comment

Sweet! IMO the image is looking very good!
Could you post you .blend file to see node and material setup, please?

Very cool! I’m very interested in your material setup, too. Great texturing!

Only C&C is that the neck looks a bit thin, at least from this angle. Also, next time use a darker World color (like a very dark grey), the contrast will make the image look even better!

All is there:

just read allllll, tomorrow i upload new result (render with bump map and some compositing) of my work and materials properities( i made some modifications) now i go to bed…

  • bump map = 89% realistic old man, it’s only 11% to succes

Getting better :slight_smile: How about .blend file or scene / material / node setup?

The ear is way too big (doesn’t look 3D really), and the shoulder texture is kinda funky. :smiley:
Other than that, looking good!

You’re heading in the right direction. Don’t forget to light it well though, because sometimes you can only go so far with texturing, and it’s hard to realize what is causing the lack of realism, if you will.

That’s not to say you can’t improve textures, but I bet you could almost get away with what you already have through lighting it really well.

On that note, currently looks like he is in a studio with bright light from nearly every angle. Maybe turn down the ‘ambient’ light and put some more directional light (spotlights, etc) in to get more shadows happening. Looks a bit like sculpy at the moment - you might want to keep those material settings stored for later in case you did some digital sculpting in Blender. Would look nice as a preview material. :slight_smile:

you know if you eat fruits and vegetables and exercise you wont look like that when uturn 50

thats amaaaarrrzing

Can’t help thinking the eyes are too bright, especially for an old man.
The rest looks good though.

Thats pretty good! You need some more skin shading, and relfection in the eyes. And maybe some tiny hairs?

Btw, can we see the wireframe?

Very cool!

I think you might have to fiddle around with the SSS colors a bit. Currently it kind of looks a bit as if the head was hollow. E.g. only paper thin skin with no blood and flesh benath it.
This could also be due to your lighting setup. Maybe if there were some shadows to add more contrast to the face, that would help.

blenderrenegade, what the hell is wrong with you?

kellyq, nice work. I would agree with others that a better light set-up would add to the picture.

Nice work Kellyq, the textures are already very realistic :slight_smile: I agree with the others for the lighting. I also think you should lower the sss a bit ^^ For such an old man, the skin doesn’t absorb so much light.

His skin looks a bit plastic(y) at the moment, but I’m sure you’ll fix that. This is great so far, though!

very nice…the lips dont look right but i think its getting there…blend file would be cool

update: hairs don’t looks good , what to do?