SSS - my tests


you all probably remember this image:

it make quite impression on me, so i’ve done my tests (they’re not so good, but i’m still working… :-? )


C&C welcome

and PLEASE post yours SSS test :smiley: - i’m very interested how’s yours

My own attempts featured in this thread. I used to use some lamps set within the model and Translucidity to fake up to a certain amount the SSS behavior. Dupliverted lamps on a ALT+S scaled down model gave some good experimental results, but not convincing enough, though. IIRC, I didn’t put the results online, and I closed the thread.

My blend files are included in the post, for further experiments.

Hope it will be helpful in any way.


yeah, i remember your post - after reading it i started my tests, but (in my opinion) we still need some work to take our SSS to Suzenne(orginal) level :frowning:

do you remember the author of this orginal pic ?? suzanne_SSS.jpg ??
i wonder if he cuold share with us his expirience ??