SSS not working for some reason

I’m working on a scene with a lot of linked duplicate spheres all sharing the same material.
Looks like this:

But in a group of spheres on the far left, light is not passing through, and I have no idea why!
Looks like this:

I have 149 linked spheres all using the same SSS-material, could that be a problem?

They’re kind of ruining the render, I have my .blend here:

For all objects
Clear Scale (Ctrl+A / Scale). You objecta s have various scale values which can effect SSS result
Then recalculate normals (Ctrl+N)
Also turn on SSS for your material and set appropriate settings


Do objects get multiple scale values because they are being scaled in object mode rather than edit mode?

I’m always wondering if I"m messing things up by scaling them in the scene rather than scaling them in the object’s edit mode. Is this what is happening here with SSS?

Thanks! Didn’t think of that! Though why did only that group go unshadable? And why should I recalculate the normals? They’re the same mesh and the same normals, right?