SSS on flat objects (Cycles)

So, I’m working on leaf material and obviously want to use SSS. But it seems like this only work if mesh has some thickness. Well, I can use solidify modifier, but it will double vertex amount on my leaves. So, is there any way to achieve SSS effect without using solidify modifier, on completely flat object?

You should use translucency instead of SSS.

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Leaf absorption should be a percentage/textured mix of diffuse and translucency (based on “thickness” of the leaf features) - depends on the leaf type I guess. Then fresnel mix in glossy for the specular component. Keep in mind the IOR driving the fresnel has to be inverted for the backface.

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Ok, looks like translucency is working.
I have another question. How to set diferent IOR value for backface?

You don’t really invert the IOR, you invert the normal. For both Fresnel calculations and the shaders. Which you can do by multiplying all components by -1. You can do it with vector math/subtract: subtract your normal from 0,0,0, and that’s your inverted normal. (Can also do vector scales with a mixRGB node, it’s all just float3 to Blender.)

Or you could just solidify your leaf and cull the backfaces.

I’m using this for any fresnel thing that I want to be thin geometry:

Looks like I’ve found a solution. Thank you all for help :wink: