SSS / Sculpted Candle

hey, playing with SSS in Blender Internal (download test builds at

Video Here

blend file on popular request, had to apply multires because the file size was too large :smiley:

That’s friggin amazing. And we very much appreciate you sharing the .blend file.


Must… download… blend… file…:eek:

Wow the SSS-build is great.
great thx to developer.

Blender internal, only BufferShadow

Nice render! :smiley:

I’d like to play with this, but I’m still waiting for a up to date windows build.

Nice work though.

Amazing…!! thanks for sharing your blend

hi Zanqdo,
thanks for the blend.Please can u explain how the SSS is setup-i.e. there are some lights seem to be placed inside the candle.Amazing that everything is achieved without textures(photographic):slight_smile:

Hi rusted, the only light inside the candle (it’s not really inside) its in layer 4, dupligrouped in layer 1 for animation porpoises, its a shame that the blend file does not give the same results on CVS builds, something must have changed :frowning:

PD: Always use Shadows for you lamps, otherwise they will not give correct SSS effect