SSS shaders darken eachother

Um, when I have two objects - two cubes for instance - both with SSS shaders. They are very closely side by side. Now for some the cubes areas - those in the middle of these cubes - render dark, the more dark the greater scale value the SSS has. This only occurs when they are very close and seperate objects. So if I move them apart or join them they render normally.

So what is this? Some SSS inaccuracy?

i recreated the problem, and here is what i think is happening.

SSS is used for organic materials, and what SSS does, is it lets some of the light pass through an object. i also think that it only uses the surface of a single object, so if one object is intersecting itself, the mesh witch is inside the object wont be affected by SSS. however when they are two separate objects, then the SSS will apare on the whole thing.
and since SSS lets some light pass through, and it now has to go through 2 objects, the amount of light that gets through is minimal. kinda like if it doubles the density…

im not sure, and i might be wrong. the main reason why i actually think this is wrong is because i think you should see a dark shadow around the whole area where the two objects are intersecting, kinda like if they where slightly transparent.

anyway, im not sure. what are you using SSS for? maybe there is an easy way to work around it.

I use SSS for a character model and I have the eyes as seperate parts, every part with SSS. Now I must have them as seperate objects since the eyes are driven with shape keys and lattices, something that would get lost if I joined them. So the result is that the eyes are rendered black.

Eyes should be glossy, not sss

Oops, I didn’t mean the eyeballs, but the skin around the eyeballs. I have them as seperate objects since I want to drive them with individual shapekeys and lattices.

Wait, I just tried to join the meshes, and the shapekeys followed the joining. O.O
Blender is… wow!
Let’s see if I can fix the lattice thing too.

  • experimenting for a couple of minutes -

Fixed it to!!! I use a vertex gruop so the lattice only control the eye part.
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: