SSS Study

I’ve spent the last month studying BI’s SSS after being inspired by Ben Simond’s 3-layer method. I want to make a professional-quality tutorial or perhaps tutorial series from what I’ve learned. So depending on the response I get here, I’ll either start recording the tutorial(s) or realize that I’ve got too much more to learn :o Let me know if the result is worth tutorializing

**Different lighting situations to test SSS. The clothes and skin reflection are Cycles.

EDIT: Everything done in Blender aside from minor PS help with textures/post-pro.

UPDATE: The entire tutorial series is available for free at Blender Cookie!

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He’s… BEAUTIFUL! Definitely worth tutorializing IMHO. 5/5.

Absolutely awesome. The hair is as impressive as the SSS imo… So much for BI not being realistic… ;D

And I would love a tutorial though this isn’t really what i do, in my work, but as SSS is also used for foilage & such, so I’d love to know more. So yeah, just friggin do it! :wink:

Sweet, I would love to know what you did! :yes::yes:

Please and thank you

Yep that is awesome work! Toot away! :wink:

F**KING brilliant. I think the SSS might be about 5% too strong, on the ears, but not sure, as I can’t compare to a real subject/photo. Either way, looks great, excellent shaders, excellent modeling, tuts would help a lot of people I think.

Awsome! Five stars from me. The first image looks a bit like a painting, is lightning the only thing you’ve changed here?

I’m looking forward to your tutorial.

Woow!!! This looks really great!!! I would totally want to learn how to do this!!

Keep up the good work!!!

Great work! I join the chorus in asking (please and ty) you more information about your workthrough.
My opinion is that you should diffuse this image the more you are able to, for it not only is great in any portfolio, but shows what Blender actually is up to.

Very good work!
Hair is awesome, is there shadow casting on these particles?

Great work! The materials and the lighting is awesome.

+1 here… really well done!

Very good work, just wonderful. Was it sculpted in Blender? 5* from me

@Animaniac888, J.R.Bayley, ldh1109, Bliz, edhehehe, Zander Nicolic, floric, gianmichele: Thank you for the kind words and encouragement!

@Farmfield: Thanks - perhaps I’ll include the hair-growing in the tut!

@Kemmler: It’s just SO tempting to show off SSS in the ears :slight_smile: But yeah, I agree it could be a little too strong. Thanks for the crit!

@Mats Halldin: Thanks Halldin for the five stars! The lighting is literally the only thing I changed…not sure what gives the painterly quality

@michalis: There is raytrace shadow-casting on the hair particles (not buffer shadows). All the particles are self-casting, the scalp hair is casting on the head as well. I did test renders for shadow casting all particles on the head but it was only visible on the scalp. REALLY thin hairs :slight_smile:

@rozmiarek: I should have been clear - everything was done in Blender with a little help from PS for textures and adding the vignette :slight_smile:

The response has been awesome and humbling. I guess I’ll start on the tut right away! I’m aiming to have the first one out within a month or 2. This is my first time for a blender tut so I’m anticipating a longer turnover to achieve the pro-tut-quality I want. Thanks again for the great feedback!

Woah theLuthier,
Amazing work my friend +1 for tuts Shaders and hair are great :cool:
Do I see a hint of Donald Sutherland there?


theLuthier - using Photoshop is obvious, nowadays almost every work deserves solid postproduction.

Is there a webpage where I can find more of your artworks?

Looks great!

@tungerz: I can honestly say that I didn’t use a single reference image of Donald Sutherland at all but can DEFINITELY see some resemblances lol…good eye!

@rozmiarek: You’re absolutely right about Photoshop. I’m trying to migrate over to GIMP but it hasn’t taken quite as easily as Blender did. My website has all my artwork on it - I’m honored that you ask :slight_smile:

@oOErikOo: Thanks!

That looks awesome! I know virtually nothing about SSS, so I can’t wait to see your tutorial!