SSS Study

Awesome, please make a Tutorial

amazing! you must make tutorial for this great piece! MUST! :slight_smile:

Amazing! O.O I really would love to see a tutorial about this too :smiley: I’ve tried to make skin shader based on Ben Simond’s method but never could get as good results as yours :frowning: Well, I haven’t studied SSS for a month though :smiley:

start recording a tutorial please :slight_smile: i have much to learn

+1 for a tutorial. Great work.

This is one of the finest heads I’ve seen in blender.

Congrats on making Blender Nation!


this is soooo good :smiley:

the ears should be bigger. :stuck_out_tongue:
jug ears.

Amazing work.
Would love to see a tutorial about it.
Manly to achievied the final touches , that in my opinion are the hardest one to achieve.
Well done!

@SynaGl0w, spiller, 306281, nevbms, ralfredog, eXKR, leomoon84, Brachi, simone, dlax, JeannotLandry, Grendel, woodiz, cont_mike, artorious, JohnMalcolm1970, GraphiX, Animaniac888, jimmac, MmAaXx, digobh : Wow everybody, thank you all for the incredibly positive responses :smiley: A tutorial is DEFINITELY coming!

@Sonofwitz: lol if he takes pictures of himself and posts them on deviant art, he could have been my reference! :wink:

@m9105826: I’m excited to explain the settings! At least to the best of my ability :slight_smile:

@rozmiarek: Man, I don’t know if I’d be much help…Blender is so good already, the devs are doing G-R-E-A-T without my input. I really appreciate the sentiment though!

I don’t mind the curiosity if you don’t mind long-winded answers :slight_smile: At work I’m a modeler, so I use Blender for hi-res modeling, sculpting, and retopology mainly. BUT what leaves me grinning frequently is when our maya/zbrush/topogun licenses error out and I’m the only one left working. All my colleagues use either maya or modo for modeling, zbrush for sculpting, and topogun for retopology. I use the same app for all of it. It’s funny you ask about my coworkers – as soon as I started using Blender at work, I was “persecuted” immediately lol. They were simply ignorant of the app’s capabilities and gathered together under the banner: “There’s a reason no one uses Blender”. Ironically, they were unable to produce that reason. However arguing with them did no good, but simply DOING the work in front of their eyes has made all of them respect it, and now a few want to learn it. Literally, I catch the guy beside me looking over the partition as I work once or twice a week. He always says, “Dude, I have to learn Blender.”

Probably like many Blender users, I was originally drawn to the app’s free-ness. While researching its feature-set I learned about the open source philosophy. I became such a believer in “the cause” that I was determined to make the tools do what I was able to do in commercial packages no matter the learning curve. Now I’m past the learning curve and using Blender all the time. It’s the greatest gift given to the cg industry!

theLuthier - thank you for all the answers and don’t be so modest. What Blender needs nowadays is such talented users as you are that can show the world what Blender is capable of. Keep up the good work, post your artworks at the biggest CG sites and always remember to mention that IT WAS ENTIRELY MADE WITH BLENDER :slight_smile:

Awesome work!

This is so impressive. Esp the left one is soo painterly. Love it.

Would you post a link to the Ben Simond’s 3-layer method material that inspired you?

And instead of doing 2 month of video recording, why not try to do a writeup of the most important steps? What did you learn/experience? Eg how did you model the different parts - box/sculpting/modifiers/particle systems etc. UV-unwrapping, choises/difficulties. Texture painting/shading, SSS - where does it do a difference.

If you choose to do video - why not team up with cgcookie og blenderguru or similar sites - to get more attention and maybe a bit of cashback?

Super interesting to hear about your work experience. Its like the pros go “Does Blender do this and that or that” until they find one single thing that it can not - and then “Oh - then it is simply not usable for us”… But then, when you show them does your $$$ software do this and that, then they are like “Whaat… Cool”.

Great job!

Go for it! we`re waiting for your tutorials!!

Your work is inspiring, thank you for sharing.

…While researching its feature-set I learned about the open source philosophy. I became such a believer in “the cause” that I was determined to make the tools do what I was able to do in commercial packages no matter the learning curve…

Absolutely beautiful, welcome aboard.

Oh, we don’t need another tutorial about this. We all can do that for ages already. Hasn’t someone told you that before you started?


Love the work, love the attitude, love the quality. REALLY impressive and btw keep it going and make this fucking tut my blender friends and don’t forget to produce others tuts also … :slight_smile:

Brilliant work!