SSS teeth shader

the Blenderartist wissammax was so kind to give me a testfile, from his great teeth renderings,for testing.

i have found some papers about dental optical propeties, and i have put some of the values from it ,into the testfile shader.

values taken from are

IOR for enamel and dentin
SSS coefficent for dentin and enamel

from another teeth paper SSS settings for the gum

settings for the transparent/translucent enamel

at first i have scaled the model to real values, to match the SSS distance values.

chanced camera focus to 105mm, a value i have found for dentalphotografic.

thread from wissammax are here

here a testrender

in this render i have not used a gradient or something as fac between transparency and SSS.i have tryed to find the mix,to have a base material what works at it is.

Hi & thanks for your interest , nice result for gingiva , for dentin should have gradient colors

This is new result I changed some colors & refined shape a little

Hi wissammax,your new render looks good.dentin gradient, yes you are right,i was not sure how the real dentin color and gradient looks like.i have searched for reference fotos,but there are many different variations,and i havent found a complete real dentine without enamel.

i have to say, i have not connected any volume scatter, to the enamel or dentin,because the SSS are scattering enough for helps rendertime too,i can render it with GPU at around 3min.for backlight renderings volume scatter are better ofcourse.

have use the picture above for color and level of transparency comparsion.

Gradient in tooth color comes from the fact that enamel layer thickness differs between tooth parts , this diagram shows how we layer ceramic to mimic real teeth

This is the colors of pure ceramic we use in dental crowns & bridges without mixing

do you have a dentin material ,for your tooth building ,underneath the crown & bridges then?or do you build it, like the last picture a ceramic with a color alone?

There is different methods to make crowns , pom (porcelain on metal) , inceram , pressed ceramic , zircon , all these types uses the same materials , except metal because it needs opaque material to hide metal color
Then we have opaque dentin & dentin & mamilon to make that things like fingers & enamel & high transparency enamel & effect enamel which comes tinted with blue or orang & we have occlusal dentin
All this can enter building operation , but the essentials is dentin & enamel is human teeth in stl format you can take some & use them to test

Yes I have dentin material & enamel material , I build this materials on the metal or zircon crown like the diagram I put , we use paint brush & water to build ceramic

thanks again ,for the link and the explanation.i am interested in the blue enamel color, or even better the specs of the material,like how translucency it is you paint the dentin with a gradient too?do you have maybe a pic from a complete painted dentin?

things thats unclear to me are, dentin color/variation/gradient or not ,and enamel color blue/orange? and its transparent/translucentcy and roughness(blurryness/milky).

indeed dentin is one color but I like to add gradient to increase color diffidence between tooth margin & cervical area , here is photo for ceramic on metal bridge

I know you are trying to make things like natural teeth , but even we add color stain to margin area in our work to magnify this effect

here is a photo from my real work , you can see the stain coloring

thanks for the pics,i think i understand the dentin now.

i have found some paper, about translucency of zirconium dioxide.

worked a bit on the gum,and added some translucency values from the papers to the teeth.i think thats it for now.maybe some more white opaqe enamel for younger teeth would be fitting,vs more dentin/stain look for older teeth.

that is a great locking gum , tooth material looks better and better by time , if you can change the light angle it will give better idea of materials because specular highlight is covering a big area of the surface , & you can mirror all objects to get tow teeth instead of one

thanks for the tip wissammax,ofcourse this render,i changed the enamel material nodes,and used a HDRI as light source.

edit,same render with different dentin gradient and enamel settings