What is SSS?

sub surface scattering. has nothng to do with subdivision surface.

describes a technique for shading semi-transparent, translucent materials like wax, the human skin or even glass. gives very realistic results.

ah, and as always - google.

That’s very cool! It’s already available for download?

No, fool. SSS is not even close to being done in blender.

If you use the blenderman exporter, you can use Renderman subsurface scattering shaders and I’m sure there are ways to do it in yafray.

I believe that there is active work in Yafray to implemement SubSurface Scattering, but it is not stable and will take a while. There is also a Python plugin that ‘fakes’ the effect - a few screenshots can be found somewhere here - but information is scarce and is not likely to be released anytime soon.