Hey guys!
I recently discovered a surprisingly unknown, yet beautiful church in Leipzig (Germany), with some statues that looked quite familiar… After some research i found out that it was St.Bunny, the holy MannusCandus, St.Proog and St.Max. The video was edited with Blender, so I thought I’d share it with you. Some adjustments made with Syntheyes. :slight_smile:

Very Good…:yes: But you’ll need to dirty-up the statues(?) a bit so that they match the stone work.:yes:

Huh. What a strange place! I should go there sometime… Probably a great community :wink:

Hahaha!! I like it!!


Lol, nice work, lighting seems about right, but I would suggest throwing a stone texture on…to make it more convincing.

Haha, allmost real. If I din’t knew I felt for it.

hahaha, that is awesome!

funny idea

Thank you all!
Yeah, a better texture and maybe a dirt map would have been better, but i kinda rushed it. I should learn some patience :wink:

:smiley: that’s great!