St. Peter's College Muenster Saskatchewan

Hello everyone…

Here’s a jpg of our college, which I built using blueprints from 2d. Since I’m new here, is this the forum where I submit a blend file, or just a jpg?

br. kurt


Nice works here are some tips:

  1. make a ground
  2. texture the building
  3. add Real windows to it make them reflective
  4. Add a nice world around it
  5. add like 1 or 2 suns to it instead of a spot

Thanks Maatt. I did this as part of a complete presentation, so I’ve got the ground built.

Does anyone know how to create a batch file to do the windows – there’s well over one hundred of them–without me having to learn Python right now? I’m busy learning Java, and two langauges at once is too much.

I’ll add some of our standard Saskatchewan photos to a world view also.

Two things that I saw after taking a closer look:

A: (refer to picture)
Some of the window frames seem to be offset with the window they are supost to frame.

B: (refer to picture)
You have not made any “floors” inside the building so when you look through the windows you can see not only other windows on the other walls but windows from other floors. Also, it looks like the walls are paper thin, perhaps make the walls a bit thicker.

Other then that, the obvious lack of detailed texture and environment, but your not done so that’s fine =) Keep it up!

Saw something else, sorry, the color of the roof and the color of the bell tower do not match, that may have been a concious choice or a mistake, but thought I’d mention it.