Stability control after barrel roll

I have a spaceship which the player can barrel roll using the A and D keys.

A key => -4 TorqueY
D key => +4 TorqueY

This works reasonably well… the spin takes a while to slow down (which I don’t mind because it makes a cool looking attack for the player) although I would prefer if it didn’t stop so often with the spaceship being stuck upside down.

So I decided to make a “stabilise” button, using the S key (between A and S). When this is pressed, the ship is to restore its roll to an upright direction. So far I have worked out I can achieve this with…

S key => Constraint/Orientation of Z axis (up) to direction of Z as 1, and “damp” of 10.

Seems to work pretty well, except that when I use the S button the ship straightens but then continues to spin after I let go of S key. Obviously the TorqueY is still working.

What do I use to neutralise TorqueY?

Bump — I thought this would be an easy question; was it written too dyslexic?

Hi, you can remove the torque by setting the angular velocity,
there may be a better way but I don’t know.


stabilityControlTest_01.blend (131 KB)

Thank you PhilB. It was really good that you gave a .blend file so I could see what you did. Surely there’s a way of assigning the AngularVelocity without a python script but through logic blocks?

Here’s the one I have been playing with (still need to improve bullets from suggestion from another post)


tiefighter_game02.blend (46.4 KB)

Yes you can, using the motion actuator.

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You can delete it if you don’t want it. Its in the bottom layer and its vertex parented to the ship.

Good Luck with the game.


tiefighter_game03.blend (233 KB)