Stabilizing a video sequence?

I want to know if I can use Sequencer or Compositor from Blender to eliminate and stabilize the Shake and Jitter effect from a video footage? I have a video file recorded with my camera and the video is very “shaky”. Or maybe you can recomand some cheap software who can make this? I tryed a combination of VirtualDub+Deshaker (video stabilizer plugin) but I cant obtain good rezults.

I have tried virtualdub with deshaker myself with fairly good results… Any particular problem you had with Deshaker?

I did a quick search and found this program: (Shareware, $19.00)

Also you might consider getting an inexpensive steadicam type of rig to steady your camera in the first place… if you do a google search there are quite a few DIY rigs out there.

you might be able to use voodoo or icarus. But there is no tracking plugin for the VSE…you can ask for one at blenderstorm

Thanks for replays.

leojS: Yes I have problems with Deshaker (VirtualDub) beacouse Im obtaining bad results. I understand that is a very helpful tutorial to understand the advanced setings from Deshaker but unfortunately the server is down :frowning: .

I searched in internet for a Deshaker tutorial and everything is pointing to the above link.
I will try the shareware program pointed by you.

PapaSmurf: I want to stabilize a shaked video footage and not to make a CameraTracking. Personally I dont know if is possible to use VooDoo or Icarus to acomplish my task.

The best, free option I can think of is deshaker as well. I’ve used it with success and used that guide to learn it too. It seems like it’s up now, at least for me, so try checking it out again if you haven’t already.