Stable 2.8?

Hi guys,
Does someone know months when we can expect stable version of 2.8?

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There is still a lot to happen… :wink:

Not so much we have entered the final stage the final release will be probably in May

Yea i’m still crashing everytime I change settings on subdiv modifier, also enabling any active gizmo tools for any object creates tons of lag and stutter, which can also lead to crashes. I’d wait til end of 2019, since the original release date was planned this past late 2018

Sometimes such weird issues might be caused by stale settings that got carried over during the development phase. I remember such a case in a thread I took part in.

You can temporarily disable saved settings and try if it helps by starting Blender from the command line via:
blender --factory-startup

Blender 2.8 ist already pretty stable for me, I don’t think what you’re seeing is normal at this point. Might be worth investigating or even reporting.

I’ve been using 2.8 as my daily driver at work. Just save often. Occasionally I run into issues, and it slows me down a little having to recreate something in 2.79 if that happens, but overall I’m able to do everything I need in 2.8 (mostly vfx)