Stable Release of Ogre exporter coming out yaaaaay!

I so mother fucking happy!

So I guess this means more goodies when the OGRE plugin is complete?

BTW: what’s with the very unflattering use of the F-bomb?

You so dumb! :smiley:

obviously I don’t give a damn about flattery when it comes to Ogre’s development:D

though honestly, I’m not quite sure about the significance of the exporter as it is


…kind of quick to get excited then huh

You so funny! (Seriously, i laughed)

Oh noes! Not teh F word :stuck_out_tongue:

Just so everyone knows all the exporter does is export blender meshes and animation to meshes and animations that are compatible with ogre, so all it does is allow you to make your meshes and animation in blender thats it, doesn’t do anything like what the echo plugin will do, for information on the progress of the echo plugin go to

Hey, thanks for the link Siegel.

I wish I could get the Zark game into OGRE. Every time I look into it, though, I get confused. How exactly does one use OGRE? I wish the integration would be finished…