Stacked broken fiberglass sheets

Hi All,

I’m trying to model a stack of broken fiberglass sheets. I came up with following reference image.

Could you point out what is the best way to achieve similar visualization? I tried to put several sheets (each 32x32 grid) and it made a mess, I appreciate any help…



Try re-attaching your image. Me no see it.

Sorry for messing it up. I re-attached it.

I would imagine, modeling each visible ‘sheet’ of the fiber glass as a ‘separate’ plane(face) extrusion,
and texturing them with alpha maps like is done for game art would probably be the best approach.

I find this tutorial for maya to be a good example of the technique:

You know where you might look, would be in the elephants dream source files. In one of those scenes there is a junk pile. I think it was called “junkster”.

You can also look at the heaper script too.

Thanks Felix_kutt and atom,

those are very promising links. I found junkster and seems to me together with alpha transparent meshes, it could generate very interesting results. heaper also seems to be useful.

thanks again…