Stadium in the suburbs


(Monorender) #1

Hello, first post here! :blush:
We are a graphic studio from Bologna, Italy where we use the almighty Blender for architectural and product design purposes.

We’d like to share a timelapse of one of our latest test with the 2.80 beta:

Lot of fun and not so many crashes :sweat_smile:

Thanks @stuffmatic for your great piece of software.
Even with little depth in the image, it captured the perspective flawlessly.

Background image made from an aerial picture taken by Aleksejs Bergmanis

(FinalBarrage) #2

Really cool! Could you also upload the final output as a still image? Would love to study it :stuck_out_tongue:

(Monorender) #3

Sure! Glad you are interested in.

(anas) #4

nice work !!!

(Nitram_2000) #5

Wow!! All that for a 2D, top down image? Amazing!

Great work.

(Monorender) #6

Thanks for the kind words!

We also made a bunch of conceptual images by overlaying the viewport and sketching with the pen:

(Bart Veldhuizen) #7

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

(bkjernisted) #8

This is very impressive. Are there plans to release any more info on this or perhaps create a tutorial?

(Monorender) #9

Thanks! We are currently working on other projects, but maybe we can write an article… What kind of info would you be interested to? Perhaps the matching of the light/perspective? Or the modeling?

(bkjernisted) #10

For me the modeling would be most pertinent but both would be great. If you provide a list of addons or tools used for most of the major procedures that would be great. My nephew who is 15 built a stadium a year and a half ago in a kids gaming program. Maybe Mindcraft. It was really impressive. He was also learning a bit of blender thru his school. I will present this work of yours to him when he is not so busy. I have always been amazed at the modeling that goes into designing a stadium. I will provide you with more info once I have a list of queries and once I have watched your video again. I am really a bit of a novice. Thanks for this great accomplishment.

(Monorender) #11

@bkjernisted Great to know! I’m happy that you and your nephew show interest in this woderful piece of software

We made a videotutorial on how to build this kind of model and how to use fSpy to match the perspective.

I’ll drop it here:

We focused on the modeling of the base structure. Curve modifier can be tricky to use.
Let us know if something it’s not clear or need an in-depth explanation. :grinning:

(bkjernisted) #12

Monorender, thank you so much for making the video tutorial. I will let you know once I have made some progress. The skills you present are very impressive. Have a nice weekend.