Staff and sword wielders:)

I plan on making these 3d sometime…
c+c welcome / begged:)

It may just be your style, but the samurai(?) on the far right’s proportions are a bit off. His waist is too narrow for his shoulders. Also, the forearms are a little bit too short. Other than that I like it!

And, uh, the girl’s hair is almost bigger than she is.


thanks; I kinda over looked the hair…

BTW: here’s what became of the fighter:

Good, now, take a look at your concept drawing, and compare it to this last version. Go in, and try to make all those things you have in the concept, but not in the finished one, because it’s just not finished right now, and since you do know what you want to achieve, you can achieve it, all it takes is time.

Thanks; I still work on it every now and then…

-I even used it to make a tutorial:) >click<

( after reading it, you’ll wonder if you’re psychic --that pdf was made weeks ago:) )