Stag Worm - Creature Sculpt

Hey everyone, this is my latest practice sculpt done over the weekend!! i tried to push myself to create a monster with a crazy silhouette and to add as much detail as possible, i think this is my most dense project yet! please do let me know how i can improve my sculpts and character design!
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@Leo_Varas This is a really awesome sculpt! You definitely nailed this! The fact that you got it looking like actual skin gives it a really daunting nightmarish look. Did you use subsurface scattering to give the illusion of it being skin or is there no SSS? The only thing I can think of is I wish there was some more high-frequency details on this sculpt so it’s less smooth but outside of that it looks absolutely amazing. Can’t wait to start following you on ArtStation! Keep it up man! :slight_smile:

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Pretty amazing concept i like it a lot!

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I can’t wait to see it in color, it’s amazing! It could be cool to subvert a cliche a little bit here- instead of making it red or brown or some standard horror color, it would be interesting to make it beautiful in terms of color and horrifying in terms of form. Like these- especially the “paddle caterpillar”.

Very good . Add crazy amount of forms is one thing . But here is a suggestion for you so that you could add much more depth to your model :
always try to think of other aspects around it . Its basic anatomy , muscles , joints , how does it walk , run , hunt , eat , sleep , is it a slow creature ? or a fast one ? …etc ?
P.S. Love how that inner head comes out of its outer shell … :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

thank you! Yes, i used the principled shader’s SSS, nothing fancy. Concerning finer details, i still haven’t really delved into that! will deffo try em next sculpt!

That WOULD be cool, i was thinking of a centepede so maybe bright orange-reds, that being said though im not really thinking about texturing this project :confused:

Good point, i deffo decided to crank up the form and shape to 11 while disregarding functionality (those stag horns come out farther than the mouth so it wouldnt be able to pick up food :joy:). I will be mindfull of function as i improve my creature sculpts! thanks!

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It doesn’t need texture to be awesome, admittedly… that being said, if you don’t want to texture it, I’d be happy to :smiley:

will keep in mind! I do wanna know how you’d go about it, would you do a retopo or just uv map it as-is?

Depends on the poly count, I guess… unwrapping might be a bit of a pain, but I’d probably just UV map as-is.

ah i see! that makes it a lot more apealing to texture then!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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holy cow thank you!

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