Stage Lighting Visualisation Project

Hi Guys
so i joined this forum due to a project im starting, i started it using Xpresso in C4D and thats proving to be problematic, so i turn to the blender community to see if its possible in Blender.
The Project is to build a rig that contains numerous lights that can be controlled by sliders, controlling pan tilt and rotate as well as colour and other features, and being able to animate them and output them via midi, eventually becoming a fully working Lightshow design and control project that will rival any commercial program on the market but offer more creativity when putting sequences together.
I have done some initial testing in C4D with the rig that i got partially working and the overall speed in creating lighting motion is mindblowingly faster, i come from a lighting background so i know what the downfalls of existing software is, and they are numerous.
so if anyone can offer any help on the best way to start, havent really used Blender as such, played with it a couple of times but nothing serious.