Stages of a Life

Hello, everyone!

I haven’t posted something in Finished Projects in quite a while, but I’m still very active with Blender these days working on lots of different things :slight_smile:

Before I get on to my image, I wanted to take a moment to say that I’m delighted to see so many new talents in our community and to witness some truly amazing things being done with Blender.

I also want to thank all those who are developing and contributing to the next generation of Blender. Your efforts help make of all of what we create possible, and we should all be grateful for that.

So, over the weekend I modeled a scene, and I was happy with the outcome and thought I might share it here:

Stages of a Life

As always, this is pure Blender (2.49), all mesh in this case (around 290k verts).

Thank you for checking out my work, and have a good week!


I quite like that. love the style and looks pretty professional. To make it look better, either round off edges or make them extra boxy, just to exaggerate a bit. other than that, quite an impressive image.

Reminds me something out of a New York art gallery of sort. Maybe also a big subway public art.

It’s always great to see your posts, and as usual, your works bring up many thought provoking ideas. They also always make me wonder a bit on how you achieved the looks ;).

Wow thats awesome! Great concept!

You never stop to amaze me Robert. Fine art, very nice.

5* very goooooooooooood

wow, you’re an artist! Very good image. :slight_smile: I’d also love to see a breakdown of the scene.

stunned, seeing as the are now popping things into the gallery again this gets my vote, 5 stars. I would love to know how you did this. You seem to have gone very monochromatic of late interesting break from your colorful past works

From dust we come, to dust we go…

I love it!. Beautiful.

Thank you all very much for the feedback and kind words!

The image is built up through a series of overlapping, partly transparent faces, some of which were shifted left or right to help contribute somewhat to the transitional scene I was going for here.

This project was developed at a much higher resolution than shown online.

Thanks again for your interest!


This is what’s called a work of art!

At a first sight, I wouldn’t guess it’s done with Blender. But it’s really nice!

Well done!