Stagger selector tool?

Hi guys. Not sure if this is the place to post this but here it is. There may already be a tool out there that will do this but if not then maybe the developers would consider making it.

I find myself having to select every other vertex like this almost on a daily bases,

or every two, like this.

The same could apply to faces like this.

If there is a tool like this in Blender please let me know! If not then it should be developed, I would use it every day! I think it should be called the stagger selector tool. :wink:

for circle
just select all in edit mode then in select menu select the checker option and check tool panel

for faces not certain !
same idea in face mode
but is it in proper order or sequence ?


Oh my gosh! Dude, you’re like my hero right now! :smiley: Thank you!!!