stained glass experiment

(steve343) #1

im not shore if this tequnique has been doon before but here goes.

its been extaurated because its a test.

(dreamsgate) #2

I like it, don’t know if it’s been tried before. Did you do anything tricky or is it just light through colored glass material?

(crow) #3

Use different colours!! Forking WINDOWS!

(DreamMaster) #4

Interesting technique… I did something somehow similar to this picture, but I think yours is more interesting lol. :slight_smile: I wish that Blender could do more of complex colors coming out of a stained glass. :slight_smile:

(steve343) #5

sorry about the colours.

I am working on a complicated stained glass window i think its possible (it is with my technique anyway).

its a lot more complicated than a spot light through a coloured material.

(dreamsgate) #6

If you came up with a new technique, then I’d be very interested in knowing how you did it. perhaps a tutorial? hint hint.

(steve343) #7

a tutorial might be on the way but first im gonna try do a full blown pic witch is taking some time

(dotblend) #8

add a nice coloured texture to the light…
put a glas window with the same texture as the light in a different layer
say to the light with the glass window to ignore that layer
fiddle with the settings

thats it… i guess

(TurboG) #9

Someone else did somthing like that on a V. Complex window…I Believe they used a Env. Map for the light texture…I forget where I saw that at but I have the .blend if someone wants it.