Stained glass material settings in Blender internal?

So, I have this church I am building, and I’d like a simple stained glass window for it.

  1. do I have to make it out of a cube, or can I use a plane?
  2. I’d just like RGB and Y triangles in it, so I made a plane with such faces, but getting them to pass light with color hasn’t succeeded yet. Any settings I should be aware of?

Many thanks again,

Usenetfan - fan of this forum

Have you tried making the materal of those transparent faces translucent?

To get coloured glass you need to increase the Filter value in the Raytrace Transparency settings

I tried to increase that for the red, but I must have some other setting askew.


stainedglass1.blend (490 KB)

For the background plane you need to set it to receive transparent shadows, In its material / Shadow settings, enable ‘Receive Transparent’


Oh man. I’ve heard of that but never used. Thanks again!

Hey by the way - where is that setting in Cycles? I’ve tried to get a Fresnel lens to work but to no avail.