Stained glass

Hello, this is a project I did for Ludesco, the gaming convention in la Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland). The goal was to develop a series of artworks that could be used in different places, mainly the main poster and the clip. Black and white lines were drawn in inkscape. Color, roughness and bump map were done in Krita. The rendering (and modelling, even if there is not so many modelling) has been done in blender (cycles). C&C are welcome


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Very pretty.
If anything, I feel that the glass has too much texture. In any case, with that much roughness in the glass, I would expect the solder (the black between the panes of glass) to be much less precise. You’ll also notice that real solder is domed, and more dull metalic grey than the square black you have shown.
All technicalities though. The effect is stunning! I don’t know how to use Krita at all, but I’d love to see a short summary of how you got this effect!

Beautiful !

Great piece of artwork. And you used open source software only! Good job!:wink:

Very well done, I like the style, being epic and modern at the same time. Very swiss.:smiley:

Beautiful work, lovely piece, and the textures are gorgeous.

As a FYI I’ve been doing stained glass as a hobby for a while (20 years). Yes, stained glass can have all those textures and they are a booger to cut. There are chemical patinas to turn the lead came (traditional) or leaded copper foil (Tiffany) to black so that is actually okay. The only tiny comment I will say is if the piece was really glass some of the pieces would be almost impossible to cut. Glass breaks where it wants to break. Especially thin areas with little support. But…you can always paint glass to get the final results shown in the piece so not really a critique or it could have been a master artisan creating the piece. :slight_smile:

Again beautiful piece and great theme.

I like the look you gave the dragon’s wings. It’s really unique and simple, yet still goes naturally with the rest of the design.

Very nice indeed!
To learn about different German contemporary styles of stained glass…can be found at youtube and if you have amazon prime, you can watch it for free. About an hour and a half long…very good.

Lighting the Way: The German Pioneers of Contemporary Stained Glass - YouTube

WOW! Just really!! Awesome job dude! I really would love to see a render of sunbeams through it projecting the colors on a stone churchfloor or something like that… this really reminds me of a project I started a really long time ago (about 20 years!!!) and you inspired me to pick it up again! Thank you :wink: