Stainless steel and Titanium (how do you)

Ok I am new(obvious), and I tried searching and all that came up was “sorry no matches were found” so sorry if this is a repost. I am not prone to making reposts on my home forum( and I have a couple thousand posts there.

Ok what I am working on is Clouds sword system for FFVII AC. And I cant get the textures right. I couple look like stainless steel, and some parts look titanium, and other textures.

So my question is is there a place that has settings posted for different types of materials, such as stainless, titanium, and rubber and so on and so forth.

Thanks for the help

That link helped alot thanks. But I am having trouble applying it to my model. I do the same thing I do to the spheres but my model turns out gostly like and not chrome. What am I doing wrong.

What kind of environment do you have in your scene? Try putting an angmap or similar as background.

I thought all I had to have was a plain under my object for it to work correctly.

Unless you have an ang map, HDR probe, etc., your raytraced object will simply reflect the world color and the other objects in your scene, and thus look bad.


Well here is what I got. ANd if it looks alright to you guys thats one out of 4 done in the system.


update pics on sword 3.4 I have moved the cutting edge to the center where it is supposed to be and I am working on rounding out the serated edges like they are supposed to be.

But I am having a problem getting the right teture on the hilt of the main sword. As you can see in the pics the hilt looks dirty instead of relective. I was shooting for a polished look that was darker than the other parts.

And here is what it is supposed to look like

any help would be appreciated.

Any help would be welcome.

it seems like it is reflecting a bit too much.

I completely support this project keep it up. damn sony to hell.