Stair builder

Off and on for a couple of months (mostly off) I have been working on this script to model stairs in Blender. If you are interested you can download it here:

The zip file contains two python files ( and, two .bmps and an html help file (which can be accessed through the GUI in Blender). is the script; is a supporting module.

Let me know if you have any questions or problems.

do you have any sample pics ?

Here’s a screen capture I did that shows a couple of stairs:

this may sound stupid, but why do u need a script for stairs? there extremely easy…

Looks cool to me,…I think I may use it in the WC this week.
<edit> just tried it out. great stuff.

Nice script, seems to have a lot of room to grow. Support for spiral stairscases would be cool to see in a future release. The interface doesn’t work at anything lower than 1024x768, but I might be the only person who prefers working @ 800x600.

I think they need to have more detail, such as seperated steps, various types of railings, support beams underneath, etc…

It’s a good start though.

nice. can you make them spiral? anyway nice script - it may not do the most complex stuff but I think it could make some process shorter in modleing, thank you.

Thank you all for your comments. Spirals and more complex construction types are being considered. I have to admit the biggest reason I haven’t started work on spirals already is my math skills are really rusty.

Skeletor, to answer your question, I didn’t do this because stairs are difficult, I did it more as a practical exercise to explore the API.

Did anyone find the integrated help useful?

how would you know? it’s not like you have built any staircases on blender lately, lol

Definitely, it starts you off with all the information you need & saves time looking for help files. I wish Lsystem, etc… had a feature like this. :slight_smile:

I think anything that helps with modeling repetitive tasks is excellent. Thanks for the new script!

I’ve done a little more work on my stair script. I improved the UI to make it easier to expand when I introduce spiral stairs and more complex construction type. And to make it easier to resize if you have a low screen resolution (crsrma this ones for you).

In addition, the previous version only supported single or double run stairs, and the runs in a double run stair were either aligned or at 90 or 180 degrees from each other. In this version your stairs can have an unlimited number of runs and each run can be anywhere from -180 to 180 degrees from the previous.

It can be found here: Bstairs_v1.2

Your comments are welcome.

How does it easy? the way I see it you have to model it one by one.
Or you can use dupliverts, but that would not create you a mesh to work with.
Or maybe you have another way?

Can you please check the link, I think it is broken,
cuz’ I cant seems to download it.

I can’t get any of this either. :frowning:

I don’t get why you should have a stair script for blender, here’s a tut for stairs

go to side veiw when you open blender
copy the default cube and place it a little higher and more to the left or right of the cube

There, a stair step.

My server is down at the moment (and likely to remain that way for a while). If you really want this script, and can wait until tonight, let me know and I’ll email it to you.

Kansas_15, as I noted 4 months ago, this script doesn’t exist because I thought modeling stairs was difficult. I created this script because I wanted to understand the Blender API, so I came up with this as an excercise. I posted it because I thought someone might find it useful.


i’m looking forward to trying your script.iI do a lot of architectural modeling, so having a script like this will be very helpful.

if you don’t mind, mail it to me at shiro111<at>