Stair pattern on fluid going down a slope

Just fiddling with the alpha release, I tried to get a drop of water flow down an inclined box. The result is… interesting: the water goes down quite smoothly at the beginning, but when what’s only left on the box is too thin, it does down as if the slope was in fact stairs.

I put the blend and avi on if you want to check.


Urgh, sick! I would guess this is probably due to the resolution that the fluid is made at. How does changing it affect it?

I didn’t do it, did I? Oh, crap, I did it: indeed, the resolution solves it all… Sort of: even with a 200 resolution, and swapping like mad during the baking (more than 1Gb required to bake, don’t try this at home, kids!), the problem is still there.

Now I’m wondering what would happen if I rotated the domain at 45°, just like the obstacle…

Nope, nothing changes…


it’s atcually a pretty hard test case despite the simple setup. In reality you would get a very thin layer of fluid on the box, so at some point the resolution of the simulation won’t be enough - no matter how high you set it. and as currently all obstacles are voxelized by cubes, that makes it look worse. i’m working on some things to alleviate this, but that probably won’t make it disappear completely (and it might take a while till it’s ready to use :))…