Staircase & Lounge Entrance

hello everyone
this is the first design illustration for a school project i am currently working on, a sort of starting point. more will follow as i resolve each space and get things figured out. its a culinary institute, so i guess at some point ill be rendering a kitchen. fun fun.
comments/crits appreciated!
i DO know there is a slight UV mapping error right above the doorway in the staircase, but you didnt see that. it will be fixed in the next iteration, but the whole thing will probably be different anyway.
rendertimes are a couple hours each on a dual core 3Ghz thing. still a wee bit of noise, but ive got pin ups tomorrow so these have to get out the door. modelling/texturing(texture painting & mapping)/lighting/rendering: 10 hours, from noon to 10pm today.

Nice lighting, and viewing angles. The only thing that bothers me is the timber material. The wood does not look real and the joints between the planks are too wide.
If you work on the texture, you could end up with some very realistic renders.
Your lighting is very nice.