Staircase ...(nightmare)

Dear all:
I’m noob on Blender (I’m using the newest 2.58 on my Imac with Bamboo tablet) and I find excellent. After some frustrating experiences, I’m starting to model something…
Except for a stair case.
I’ve found several tutorials and my experience is frustrating…(almost a nightmare)
Well, brief.
A cube, transformed as a step (rung, tread, …) an empty point and array, as follows:
Starting on top view (numb pad 7) I use a cube (new or not). Scalling on (to obtain a trapezoid), putting the origin on coordinates “zero point”, not in the geometry. Adding an Empty point (also in origin of coordinates) in order to all the steps are facing toward this point. I rotate (z axis) 30º and I use an array. (X=0, Y=0, Z=1 more or less, depending on the height of the steps).
Well, when I put the “empty point” as object offset, the results are strange…
Even though the first step is ok (obviously), the second one become squarred and bigger, the third is a romboidal prism, and so on…
Does anybody know where I made the big mistake?
Thought I’m following the tutorial founded in Youtube (staircase for dummies) the results become quite different
I’ve tryed to “screw” but the result is a ramp and I don’t know how to make the steps.
I saw another tutorial (from Rhino, Catia, 3D or who knows) that uses a cilinder subdivided and extracting on after selecting the steps…
So, please, help me

Reset the scale value for all your objects (Ctrl+A / scale).
If you don’t like arrays just duplicate your step (Shift+D) and reposition it, then repeat.

solved !!!
Thanks (many thanks)
The first solution was ok. After selecting all of them, Crtl A, scale and they go…
Take care Richard…
Sincerely, the other option was an “aegyptian way” (IMHO)