Staircase scene

A project I’m doing to exercise my 3d brain. This was kind of based on a reference image I found on my camera. Tell me what you think needs work. I’m a terrible texturer so I’m not even attempting that yet.

I don’t like how there are some pure black spots.
I’d use more lights, indirect lighting, or a bit of AO.

I already have AO on, but ya I’ll add some more lights on the actual stairs.
A quick question, the light coming in from the window doesn’t seem like a warm afternoon glow type of light. How could i do that?

Thanks for the reply

UPDATE. I added some more lighting to lighten up the stairs.

Again, any ideas on how to get a warmer afternoon sun type lighting?

Change the color of the lamp to a reddish orange color, but only slightly or it will be overpowering and look strange, or you can try adjusting the colors in the compositor.

I’ve done that but it doesn’t look very good. Maybe ill try a more yellowy color.