Staircase Wood

Hello everyone… I have been learning CG for the past 1 year and of course, my learning started the day when I saw the website. I came to know it was free. I kept on learning. It was on December 2012 when i started learning and in August 2013 I made this render using cycles.

I know this scene is very basic. I need your critiques. If you see any flaws in my image… feel free to comment. It would be really helpful to me to develop further.

Good work. Looks like the start of a building. In my opinion the bannisters a bit high up in my opinion. I think that the wood floor should go all the way through because it looks a bit unnatural. Are you going to do any more to the scene? if you are add some furniture or something depending on what the room is for.
Good work and keep going!

Nice start, looks like the residents moved. :slight_smile:
Would add some more warmth to the light. Try a more interesting cam angle.

i’d give the floor some more gloss - hardwood floor finishes are rarely that pure matte. another consideration is the baseboard - it disappears behind the stairs, and should continue along that wall. another option would be to eliminate the baseboard, as so many contemporary designs leave them out entirely. and more furnishings, of course. :wink: