stairs an ledges how?

wel the name says it all how do I do in BGE to do stairs an ledges??

sorry about my bad english

There’s many ways…the classic one being an “invisible” slope over the stairs!

O: Wow OTO, so simple I could kick myself, haha don’t know why I ever thought of that!

I mean the vertical stairs. I saw onse a demo of a shooter that wave them but I culdn´t undestand how did dey do it

sorry again abot the bad english:o

You mean ladders! Vertical stairs are called ladders. An easy way to do them is with a Upwards Linear Velocity when the character is in contact with the ladder. He will then move up until he gets to the top. If you have forward motion as well he will go forward at the top

Don’t feel conscious about English, It’s the language of the net but people who speak it natively have pretty bad command from what I’ve seen