Stairs around a large cylinder?

is there an addon to make stairs around a large cylinder ?

i can make i around a small column with empty and array
but for large cylinder it is hard to control
number of step function of step height

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Usually the suggested method to create spiraling stairs is with curve objects.
Here’s a guide tutorial demonstrating how to create such a staircase with curve objects:

I can give you this geonodes setup (Blender version 3.1.1)

staircase_geonodes.blend (111.2 KB)

thanks for the BL 3
but my PC is too old i cannot use BL 3.0 only last version of 2.9

might be useful for other people

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The tutorial I shared is still compatible with Blender 2.8.

If the screw tool is still a tool, just use that with a single stair and an additional edge to define the vertical dimension, and once done, delete the geometry created by the loose edge.

video is same method i use to do it around a column

but it won’t calculate how many steps you need between floor function of height

i as hoping someone had already done an addon for this kid of stairs.

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There is this older one…looks like it has the controls you might need…

will look at it

i started working on a script to do
inside outside stairs on a large cylinder

and not so easy to get a nice stair

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looks about right

is this the one included in bl
or can you give the link for this addon

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The link is HERE