Stairs - Interior Render - Feedback?

Hey all, I modeled this last summer, and gave up on the scene as I got too frustrated trying to get the materials right. My computer at the time wasn’t very fast, and even doing test renders took awhile, so making material adjustments was a tedious process. Anyways, I recently built a custom PC that renders quite fast, and I decided to get back into Blender. So, I thought I would start where I left off. I deleted all of the materials and started from scratch with just the models. I also modeled a few new things into the scene, such as the photo frames and glass vase. I’m not sure if I would consider it finished yet, which is why I thought I would post it here. If any of you have some constructive criticism for me, I’d appreciate it. I feel like it needs something more, but can’t put my finger on it. Anyways, feedback would be great. Thanks :slight_smile:

Update! So I took the feedback to heart, and tried to fix the rug. I know it’s a different style of rug now, but does it look better than my last attempt? Or is it still the thorn of the render?

I also added a light switch on the left wall, and a shopping bag on the floor.

Rendered in Cycles
1200 passes
1hr 57min
45mm lens

Calling this project done. Here’s a link to my new one:


I’m really impressed with your woodwork modeling. Seems like your going for a popcorn ceiling but the scaling looks a little big to my eyes. The other thing that I think needs a major change is the carpet. Others could give you some advice on that.

But you really have done a nice job on this.

I think it looks pretty as it is. Except your carpet :smiley: You should try to do it with the Hair particle System instead of a displacement modifier.

P.S. hit me if im wrong and you used a hair particle system :wink: It seems to be a displacement but im not 100% sure

Yeah, this is nice. Fix teh rug, and your golden.

Yup, rug.

Ceiling texture is a bit off, but not enough it catches the eye.

Otherwise beautiful rendering.

Thanks for the feedback everyone! I’ll definitely do my best to fix the rug and ceiling. I did use a hair particle system, but it was my first time using it really, so I’ll have to learn more about it and maybe improve my strand models as well. I’ll work on it some more and post another render in a day or two. :slight_smile: Work has been keeping me busy lately…

Consider this a thread bump to show the updated image, haha. I probably should have posted the update as a new post instead of updating my original one. Still getting used to the flow of things here. :slight_smile:

New rug looks great, and the ceiling isn’t too much either, I have one of those at my house :smiley: Nice work! :smiley:

Much better!

Now shopping bag needs some details added to it - like a bit of wrinkle where it folds etc. :wink:

Thanks! Haha, I did use a displace modifier, but it’s turned down quite a bit from the original purpose for the bag. I actually modeled it last year to use as a logo presentation asset in graphic design. Just thought I would throw it in there for fun! I do agree though, it looks to straight. Anyways, I’ve started my next project, so I think I’m closing the book on this one. I certainly learned a lot about lighting through the process though. Thanks for the feedback everyone!

Damn I’m glad you revisited this with your new machine. It’s looking great but do try reframing the composition with maybe a 50mm lens or even a 60mm. You only need about half of the ceiling it seems to me. And, if a little of the rug is outside the frame that’s fine too. I bet you are having a time with your new found speed. It does make the whole experience much more enjoyable. I’m looking forward to more post, Joel.

Ha, thanks! I agree that I probably didn’t need to include every part of everything in the scene. I did try a 50mm, but I couldn’t find an angle that I liked with it, but I might give it a second go sometime. Right now though, all of my Blender time will be for my new project, which I’ve started a new thread for. :slight_smile:

Great job on the changes Joel… you should post a link here to your new thread you mentioned.

Thanks! Here’s a link: