Stairs made in Cycles

Any comments would be gratefully received

It’s a good start, but doing architectual stuff its an extremely good idea to build everything to scale. I recommend using imperial or metric as apposed to blender units. If you build to scale, the dimensions can be looked up for everything, and it saves you from having to eyeball/guess. If you did build everything to scale, then kudos! lol

As far as actual suggestions, the floor texture should probably be a little smaller, and the step thickness should probably be higher.

It’s a good attempt and is interesting to look at, largely due to the two prints hanging on the wall.

What SpindleRift said.

The stairs look like they were extruded from the floor; always possible with 3d - real world scenes shouldn’t give that affect. Separate the meshes, if they are all one - select the stairs and y to separate. If they are separate then either try moving them up a fraction, or create a very thin, dark colour mat at the border of the two.

It might be also nice to see a join or two where the different pieces meet; presuming that realism is the key.

It’s the subtle things that add realism to a scene; anything to make the viewer believe in what they see.

Are the two ‘items’ occupying the lower left quarter of the scene meant to be glass? If so then they need depth; they don’t do anything positive for the composition.

Consider the fact that any render, no matter what the goal (be it for a client giving life to their blueprints, or an artist’s deeper imaginings), is telling a story; I come from a background involving the written word, and when telling a story, believability is always more important than accuracy. The same can be said for art in general, although folks can probably think of a few caveats.

Thanks for your comments, I will take them all onboard