Stairs modeling problem

I trying to model stairs, just plain simple stairs, nothing fancy…
To make them one by one is going to take me all my life :slight_smile:
Does somebody has some other way?

Make a plane and delete all but two verts, so that you are left with just two connected verts. Grab one vert and put it at the bottom of the stairs, place the other vert at the top of the stairs. Subdivide (w menu) the edge connecting the two verts so that there is one vertex for each step you wish. Model one step (new object) and parent it to the subdivided edge you created earlier. Then press F7 and under anim settings press dupliverts. It duplicates your object at each vertex location.

Hope this helps,

Take a look here it might help :wink:


Thanks guys :slight_smile:
I got the solution now :slight_smile:

Stairs are easy, one way to it is make a profile of steps going up and extrude it. This can be done by taking a plane, erasing 3 verticies and extrude the remaining one to make a profile.

Ye that is easy if you want to make 3-5 stairs…
But in my case I need like a 100 of them.