Model in Modo rendering with E-Cycles. Still lots of work to do, I’ll do the sculpting in Blender and cloth sim.


Here is what it looks like in Unreal Engine 4.23 with real time GI. Ignore the black background, the HDRIBackdrop(sklylight) is buggy when combine with real-time GI, so I had to turn it off.


Small update, added a tree , grass/weed in the foreground and broken roof for better lighting. The mid ground still empty, not sure what to do with it yet, same with the left side…


Small update with some textures and DOF… This stuff is hard, as in making convincing environment, telling a story.


Small update added roughness maps and some volumetrics.


Really cool progress. IMO there’s missing a focal point of interest. Maybe a glowing door under the stairs or some flying books. Hope you get my point.

Keep on keeping on.

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Thank you for the kind words. I was actually thinking about putting a door under the stairs too! I wish I could use more lights other than the sun, but this is suppose to be a abandon home with no working electricity, maybe a flash light could work. I’m still trying to figure out what kind of story I want to tell in this scene, that’s why there’s no focus point yet.

One idea revolve around the idea of flesh eatting creatures call the “dread” which originated deep within the earth.Someone has set up camp near the bottom corner of the stairs. All around are array of cans tie with strings, to detect any incoming movement,basically a warning system. The front door would be boarded up.Signs of the “dread” would be apparent as black organic matter which can be as a nest by the them along other things are nestle all around the room.

I still need to add more cutter, debris and more green(ivy) as if nature took back this part of the mansion.

Hello, have a question and comment/opinion (hope you do not mind).

In the last red (pic) there is texturing of paint pealing above the white doors, what is that/how did you do it, sculpting (it looks good) ?

My comment, i think that white door looks out of place, too “new” or sterile or clean or white or something… cant put my finger on it, but it just looks a little odd. And if its an old run down house, maybe some cracked/broken window pains or the pictures on the wall are hanging a little crooked from birds sitting on them… Ok, maybe at was three comments/opipions :slightly_smiling_face:
I do like it just how it is though, your doing a nice job and thanks for sharing.

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comments and suggestions are always become, I agree the front door looks too clean I may break it up some more at the bottom to let some more light in.

The paint peel is pretty easy. If anyone is interested I’ve attach a blend (4.8 MB)

Maybe there is a easier way to create this type of effect but I’m still new to Blender. “Face Set” just got introduce in todays build of 2.83, it should make it easier to create the peel area and smooth it out.


Thanks for posting the file. Im new to blender (modeling period) so things like this (as simple as they are) help me learn, thanks. Been working on a prison cell scene, this will come in handy. Thanks again :+1:

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