Hey. I’ve seen many demos with very nice stairs. You can walk on them too, and they give you the up down movement of if you were actually walking on them. What is the best way of doing that? I’ve tried putting a flat plane over the stairs so that he doesn’t get stuck, but he slides down occasionally. What is the best way to do this?

I don’t know about you but making normal stairs works for me. but then I just use dloc for movement… and the stair steps aren’t that big.

Tell me what I’m doing wrong. :cool:

Here’s how I do them: the stairs that you see are actually not collision sensitive. Set partly into the stairs is an invisible ramp which is collision sensitive. The invisible ramp has a material with friction set to 100%. 100% friction means that characters can climb it at any speed, and never slide down. It always works for me-good luck!

Thanks PlantPerson. How do I access the physics settings (Friction, etc). I’m fairly new to physics and all.

BTW, if you wanna see my blendfile, click the smiley on my previous post in the thread.

It’s part of the material settings. Click the button that says DYN to reveal them.

Yea, but wouldn’t that max friction put your player object (which I assume to be dynamic) “in the mud”, so to speak?

In addition: Pushing a crate down the stairs wouldn’t result in expected “tumbling” behavior (it would just dig into the stairs - because it’s a slope - and the friction is maxed out). Also, if you’re doing an FPS, and you use something like bullet holes - you need a collision enabled surface just about everywhere.

There are probably instances where you can “romance” the bullet engine into behaving ~ok~ when it comes to stairs (mainly by tweaking the step proportions). However, getting exactly the kind of step/climb sequence you want (regardless of step proportions/architecture) is something that I wouldn’t know how to make.

…At least not while I’m forced to use dynamic objects in order to detect collisions with static objects. Static-static collision needs to be brought back. At least as an option, if nothing else.

I didn’t really know how important that feature actually was until I didn’t have it anymore.

Well, rest assured it’s not an FPS. I’ll go with PlantPerson’s idea until I come to figure out how to “Romance” it.